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By air or land, all the information about how to get to Frutillar

Regular flights from Santiago to El Tepual Airport, located in the city of Puerto Montt, and Carlos Hott Siebert Airport, Osorno.

Frutillar is located 42.5 km north of El Tepual Airport, by the Panamericana (45 minutes) or you can take the interior road of Las Lomas, which runs through fields and reaches the road to Nueva Braunau, from where you take the road at the height of Puerto Varas.

At El Tepual Airport it is possible to rent vehicles, take transfer services, or take a bus to the Puerto Montt bus terminal, from where you can take public transport to Frutillar.

From Osorno you must take the Panamericana heading south. Frutillar is 68 km away and the transfer takes approximately 50 minutes.

The flight from Santiago lasts an hour and a half and is operated by the airlines  LATAMJetsmart y SKY.

Frutillar has a local airfield and a heliport

Most of the bus lines arrive in Frutillar from the big cities of the country. Depending on the service, sometimes it is necessary to get off at the road stop, since it does not enter the city. From the highway, it is necessary to coordinate with some private transport (transfer, taxi or group) for the pick-up, since there are no regular services.

Cruz del SurPullman BusThaeBus TurBus have offices within the city where the buses arrive.

In case you want to visit, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Llanquihue and Puerto Octay have intercity bus services to and from Frutillar, with several frequencies a day.

Within the national territory, the road is through Ruta 5 Panamericana Sur. From Santiago to Puerto Montt you travel around 1000 kms, which you can complete in 12 hours with breaks.

There are applications such as carretera where you can calculate the costs you will incur traveling by car, considering tolls and gasoline.

From Argentina one of the most used routes is from Bariloche, following Route 215 through the Cardenal Samoré International Pass, to the city of Entre Lagos, then Route U-981-T and later Route U-55-V, to access the city of Puerto Octay. From here you can take Route  V-155, passing through the Los Bajos sector to access the city by the edge of Lake Llanquihue, or by Route U-551-V, entering Frutillar through the upper sector of the city.

From the south, it is possible to take the coastal route V-305 at the Totoral-Fresia tollbooth, along the road to Punta Larga, which borders Domeyko Bay and offers wonderful views of the lake.